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Factors Affecting ACOs to Remain or Exit the MSSP following Pathways to Success

Researchers identified 4 themes that capture the main factors reported by interviewees, which affected their organizations’ decision making around MSSP participation after launch of Pathways to Success: (1) the perceived nonrevenue benefit to the organization from the program, (2) the importance of the program as a revenue source, (3) the effect of benchmarking changes on the potential for shared savings, and (4) the relative advantage of participating in the program vs others.

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OIG: Corporate Responsibility & Health Care Quality - A Resource for Health Care Board of Directors

In late 2023, the OIG created new compliance guidance for the Board of Directors for all health entities credentialed with Federal Programs. Review the official guidance article here. 

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The OIG Toolkit for Billing Medicare Advantage High Risk Patients

The OIG created a toolkit to educate health entities on how they review and audit claims for high-risk patients rendered to Medicare Advantage programs. Get your copy of the toolkit here. 

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The Power of Prevention: Why Medicare Annual Wellness Visits are Vital for Your Health and Wallet

Prevention is always better than cure. This statement holds particularly true when it comes to healthcare. With the costs of healthcare skyrocketing every year, it’s important to take every preventative measure possible to save money and stay healthy.

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Reducing Avoidable Emergency Department Visits in Rural Communities: An Alternative Approach to Physician and Patient Health Collaboration

In 2021, Medicare issued benefit payments totaling $829 billion to 65 million people aged 65 years or older and beneficiaries with long-term disabilities (Cubanksi & Neuman, 2023). Medicare payments during 2021 accounted for 21% of National Health Spending in the United States and 10% of the Federal Budget (Cubanksi & Neuman, 2023).

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