Post-Acute Care Development

There is significant opportunity to proficiently manage post-acute spend and improve care by engaging with aligned post-acute providers on initiatives. More than 40% of hospitalized Medicare patients receive post-acute services after discharge.

Imperium provides in-depth review of the post-acute landscape in expectation of better patient management, decreased costs across the continuum of care, reduced readmissions, and improved patient and family experience.

Perform a network evaluation including, but not limited to, CMS star ratings, cost per episode, average length of stay, facility readmission rates and variation and improvement on patient outcomes.

Maintain engagement with preferred post-acute partners and continuously optimize network

This data ensures the patient is referred to the right level of care based on clinical needs, and finding placement based on the quality and expertise of the facility and the proximity to the patient’s home or family.

Discharging patients to the most applicable post-acute provider is the best thing to do from a financial, efficient, and patient care standpoint.

Post-Acute Care Development