Value Based Specialist

Practice Transformation Specialists Advantage

With help of our experienced and senior practice transformation specialists Imperium health is able to offer a competitive advantage in Value Based Care with outstanding performance and financial savings to practices of any size. Our practice transformation specialists hands-on approach offer:

  • Locally-based practice support to help implement ACO best practices
  • Provide education, workflow tools, and patient lists specific to performance improvement initiatives
  • Provide training and coaching on operational best practices
  • Perform targeted quality control and quality assurance reviews of documentation and workflow
  • Analyze and interprets key cost, utilization and quality data
  • Provide Compliance Support and Tracking
  • Create and Manage Ad-Hoc reports unique to practice needs

Data Support

Our Transformation Specialists Date Support Initiatives Provide Proprietary Reporting to our clients which assists them in:

  • Tracking performance against risk-adjusted targets and national/regional benchmarks
  • Support ACO initiatives with actionable data
  • Provide education, training, and support for interpreting and utilizing data and reports

Quality Improvement and Reporting

Through our advanced quality improvement and reporting strategies our practice transformation specialists provide:

  • Training and education on quality documentation best practices and EMR setup to optimize quality data capture
  • Quality toolkits, tip sheets, coding guides and specification summaries
  • 24/7 support during the year-end quality audit
  • Detailed quality performance analysis
  • Quality data capture via EMR integration

Value Based Specialist

With our Value Based Specialist roles we are able to create and offer unbeatable clear communication to our practice participants that result in optimization and mainstream functionalities of their practices, coordinated proactive health management, care delivery, improve patient experiences, and allow better access and results to primary care.

Our Value Based Specialists continually work with partner practices to facilitate a payer agnostic approach to patient care processes​ to improve practice care through

  • Distribution initiative reports and tracks performance
  • Monitoring and supporting initiative performance progress
  • Conducting chart reviews to identify quality and coding improvement opportunities
  • Coordinating completion of quarterly audits and supplemental data reviews
  • Assisting practice with Patient Outreach to help meet quality performance goals
    (i.e. Scheduling AWVs, Medication Adherence, Monthly Quality education)
  • Works with partner practices to ensure patient rosters are accurately maintained for quality reporting

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